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Skylead has commissioned technologically advanced set of machines for processing and refining lead. Rotary Furnace Technology has been installed to safeguard flexibility as well as to achieve energy saving. This technology permits operations in small quantities with optimal efficiency. In order to ensure uniformity, Skylead is capable of making batches ranging from 15 Metric Tons to 50 Metric Tons.

Skylead has also installed the Q8 MAGELLAN Spectrometer, a German made masterpiece. Q8 is a sparc emission spectrometer setting new standards with respect to technology, reliability, flexibility and handling. It is a one-of-a-kind spectrometer that offers a previously unseen quality of analysis because of its unlimited combinations of measurement parameters.

Skylead has further installed a comprehensive pollution control system to ensure negligible emission of any harmful gasses or chemicals in the environment. This Pollution abatement system involves sophisticated technology and includes the following equipments :

  • Dust Collector

  • Cyclone

  • Cooling Tower

  • Bag House

  • Wet-Scrubber

  • Chimney

Skylead is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company that meets all its standards for a sound quality management system.

We, at Skylead, have implemented a No-Compromise approach towards quality & customer satisfaction.

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